Reagan Reilly Hope Fund

Established 2015

Reagan Reilly Hope FundThe Reagan Reilly Hope Fund was established as charitable endowment fund at the Schuylkill Area Community Foundation (SACF). Reagan wants to make a positive impact in the community, by helping people with drug and alcohol addiction; to give hope and inspiration!

“Having overcome addiction in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, I'm grateful to announce a fund that will help to strengthen recovery in my beloved home town area,” states Reilly. “My goal is to raise money to provide assistance with upcoming recovery initiatives and projects in Schuylkill County. Long term recovery is a gift and I believe it is a gift that should be shared.”

The fund earnings of the endowment will be distributed annually to qualified organizations or qualified activities or programs, which support people in Schuylkill County who are in recovery for drug or alcohol addiction.


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