Tim Stine Memorial Fund

Established 2003

Collegiate football has annual awards for outstanding players. Minersville Area High School football also will have an annual award for a graduating senior who excels as a lineman. It will be known as the Tim Stine Memorial Award, in memory of Tim Stine, Branchdale, who played defensive end and linebacker for Minersville.

Tim’s widow, Michelle Stine, and his mother, Elaine Stine, have created the Tim Stine Memorial Fund, the earnings of which will be given in cash to the recipient of the Award at graduation. The football coaches will select the player to be so honored. The first award was made at the 2003 graduation to Leo Securda.

Stine had a long and successful career at Minersville beginning in 1976 with the Pee Wees followed by Midgets, which were the 1979 Coal Bowl champs. He played on Minersville’s Freshmen team, which was undefeated, and on the varsity squad for three years. In June 1984, Tim’s outstanding athletic achievements earned him a spot on the first North-South Dream Game, which ended in a 0-0 tie.

Athletic prowess captures the essence of Tim Stine on the football field. But there was far more to Tim Stine the man. Tim was a loving husband, father, brother and son as well as a compassionate friend who extended a hand to others without a second thought.

While on the job for the family business, Tim, at age 33, was killed in an automobile crash by a drunken driver. He was survived by his wife and two children, Marilyn, age 16, and Timothy, age 12, at the time of his death.

It is always tragic when a treasured life ends too soon. The Stine family found a way to turn their grief into triumph by memorializing Tim through the establishment of this perpetual fund. Of the many funds administered by the Foundation, this is the first one created in memory of an outstanding athlete honoring his or her specific athletic achievements.

Everyone will miss Tim, both on and off the field. His strength, courage and humanity will be remembered each year by the recipient of the Tim Stine Memorial Fund High School Award.

This fund provides an award to a member of the graduating class of Minersville Area High School who excels as a lineman on the football team.


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