Professional Advisors



Why Work with SACF

We are here to help you serve your clients. Our goal is to be your partner in providing philanthropic services for your clients so they can achieve their charitable giving goals.

At SACF, we understand that each donor approaches charitable giving with a unique intent, and we respect the level of anonymity or recognition most comfortable for your client. SACF offers a variety of types of funds that will assist clients who want to give back to the community. We manage the funds carefully and invest wisely.

Investment of Funds

All funds established at SACF are managed as provided by the Investment Policy Statement approved by the Board of Directors. The Investment Committee oversees the process and monitors the investment managers.

The investment objective of the Community Foundation is to build funds that will meet the community’s needs today and to continue funding opportunities for generations to come. The Foundation’s investment and spending policies are designed to preserve the inflation-adjusted spending power of its funds.

We utilize a “Total Return” approach to guide our investing and base the spending policy on a four-year average payout. This approach has enabled the Investment Committee and Board of Directors to fund the many grants, scholarships and awards we have provided to the community since 1967.