Schuylkill County Conservation and Environmental Improvement Endowment Fund

Established 2001

The Schuylkill County Conservation and Environmental Improvement Endowment Fund represents the largest, single contribution in our 35-year history. The Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners researched options to preserve landfill trust monies that would address current and emerging needs throughout the county, in perpetuity. Working with key administrative staff in county government, the initial contribution to this fund was set at $750,000, which will be used to provide services in compliance with the Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act of 1999.

In their comments during the Public Action of November 14, 2001 the Commissioners stated: “We believe environmental preservation is critical to our future and that of the generations that will follow. Schuylkill Area Community Foundation has a proven track record in effective management of donors funds and we are confident they will bring that same success to the County Fund (Commissioner Forrest L. Shadle)”. Commissioner Shadle added: “The establishment of this fund is one concrete benefit that is derived from the landfills in the County. These funds help improve the quality of life of our residents at no additional cost to taxpayers.”

Commissioner Edward D. Barket noted, “I had the opportunity to research the many discussions between the Foundation, the Board of Commissioners and key members of our staff. I believe this Endowment Fund has the potential to address our current and future environmental needs making our community a healthier, more vibrant place to live.”

In his comments, Commissioner Jerry Knowles added, “By earmarking this money for environmental purposes, we assure that the earnings will be used to provide a better quality of life for our citizens. It is my hope that a substantial part of these earnings will be used to help some of our impoverished municipalities install or improve their sewer plants, water systems, and other utilities. It doesn’t make any sense to me to talk about a countywide parks system while we continue to pollute our environment with untreated sewage.”

NOTE: Before his untimely passing, Commissioner Stanley H. Tobash was a catalyst in formatting the idea for this Fund. The late Commissioner did not live to see his work completed but we will carry on his dream with caring respect.

Distributions from this fund are made to the Schuylkill County Commissioners to be expended by them in conformance with the Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act of 1999.


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